Lew Sichelman


"I enjoy very much your well-written and informative real estate column that appears in our Sunday edition of The Miami Herald. Your topics often track issues in my undergrad real estate law course taught here at UM, and also are reminders of my law practice and real estate entrepreneurial investor days...Thanks for the practical knowledge you provide – keep up the good work."

Dr. Martin E. Segal
Senior Lecturer - Business Law Department
University of Miami

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"Just wanted to let you know I look forward to reading your column every Friday in the Daily Herald. Not planning on selling or buying but you always have something interesting to say. Thanks"

Ed Schmitt
Faithful reader - Huntley, IL

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"Love the unleashed Lew"

David H Stevens
Housing Policy Activist
former FHA Commissioner
and former President, Mortgage Bankers Association

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"I hope you realize what a fan club you have! Your are a role model, like it or not."

Alice Muncaster
Director of Marketing and Communications
for The Counselors of Real Estate
and former Associated Press Reporter

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"I began following Lew's articles at least a decade before I became a Realtor in 1987. Lew separates the wheat from the chaff, and then hits the nail on the head. His articles are easy for anyone to understand: Devoid of jargon and concise!"

David Rathgeber, Broker / Owner
Your Friend in Real Estate, LLC

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"The best financial writer in the USA!"

Tom Hendrickson, Executive Vice President
Associated Mortgage Brokers

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"I bought my first home last year and was considering renewing my home warranty. Your article (in the Los Angeles Times) was great and very informative. ... I learned alot. Keep up the great work!"

Reader Ken Freund